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Ellora Kothare


Creative Arts Therapist

Hello! My name is Ellora and I am a trauma-informed drama therapist and mental health practitioner. I use creative ways to help people better understand themselves or a challenging situation they are in, and move forward with insight and clarity. 



Areas of Expertise

I specialize in life transitions, anxiety, addiction, trauma, ADHD and grief & loss. My approach is client-centred, holistic, decolonial and psychodynamic. 

As a Therapist, I prioritize your story. I am trained in creative verbal and non-verbal tools that can help create a space that meets your needs for expression and exploration. While words can be very useful during therapy, they are sometimes not enough (if you've ever felt that words cannot always capture the entirety or depth of your feelings, perhaps you know what I am talking about). This is where Drama Therapy comes in.  Drama Therapy has the advantage of using creative tools that involve, in addition to using traditional forms of talk therapy, using story, metaphor, role-play and more. In session, these evidenced-based, creative techniques are designed for your specific needs



There is profound power in seeking therapy for yourself; healing and transformation start when you make the choice to search for it.  Together we can work through your challenges and work towards goals that help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life. 

Free consultation




15 minute session

Here we can discuss your goals for therapy, discuss what has and has not worked for you in the past and also address any questions you might have about my work. 

Individual Adult Therapy


Adult Therapy

CAD $130 

50 minute session

 Sliding scale options available.

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